Something off with the A321 winglet

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So a bit ago when climbing up to my cruise alt, I had noticed it before but i thought of it harder this time, that something seemed… off with the A321’s winglet. It appears far more swept back than the A320s I’ve seen in real life. It made me wonder if somehow there was an error that somehow slipped by quality control or there were actual winglet proposals for real life A320 family aircraft.

Does any one know how/why? Just curious because it’s only today I’ve really noticed it

to verify this didn’t already exist, I did look this up in the forum and it doesn’t appear under the searches “A321 winglet inaccuracy” or “A321 winglet swept back” but it all came back with assorted autopilot and other flying things, so I figured to just drop this here and let the IFC gods determine if it stays or not


Yes it’s wrong

yes that looks much better

now that i’ve confirmed i’m not going insane, I’m now going to wait for someone to perhaps shed light on why

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Because it’s a 2015 aircraft model with a fixed up cockpit in reality it needs a complete rework

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even then in 2015 A321s were flying around with these winglets, weren’t they?

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The A321 has always had the same winglet it’s just not old model in infinite flight

i meant in real life A321s had the winglets in 2015 so how’d IF not model it correct?

This has been known for quite a while actually:


I figured it was but i didn’t see it in the searches i did

well at this point i’d kinda like to see how this happened

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I can’t imagine something as finicky as the sharklet would have been particularly easy to model anyway. To be fair, the A320 3D base model is quite dated, only with features being added along the way to bring it up to standard, so the quality control aspects were certainly more dodgy than now.

If it’s gonna get fixed, it’s probably gonna be during its own full rework, whenever that may be, since they’d already be far enough in the A320 rabbit hole.


I mean yeah it’s off but personally I don’t care lol

Thank you for shining light to this. I think the sharklets is the only thing that needs rework as it isn’t just the issue of the angle that are at in IF compared to the real life but also the size of those sharklets, they are HUGE.

Yes that is wrong. In fact, I am flying the A321 right now and when I zoomed in on the sharklet, I saw it. It is way too far swept compared to the irl pic.

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