Something new

that shot with the plane in it is stunning!

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Wow! Thanks a lot!

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Awesome pics mate :)

Amazing for your first time I am guessing?

Thank you!

First time using the editing software yes

Cool! Can’t wait to see more!

Dang #1 is hot 🥵

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I really agree, omg!

That 2nd photo is awesome

The resolution is fantastic! Great work!

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Wonderful shots!

Nice phots! The two world is two Latam is by far my favorite!

Oml really hot 🥵

Thank you all!

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Love to see that LATAM livery! Live LATAM, love LATAM, own a VA based on LATAM, post on 10+ aircraft requests for LATAM liveries, and etc. 😂

LATAM is really an iconic airline.

Besides that, nice pictures love them. I recommend Adobe Photoshop for more in-depth images.


I do have it both Express and not

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Amazing photos! I just saw this from a pm we are in and it looks great. Hope that new editing software worked out!

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Well it did