something needs to be done

Everyone, drop your coffee, and drink some tea instead. In other words, no more caffeine & be a bit more calm, okay?

  • First of, PM a Mod about this. They will be able to assist you better than any of us can.

  • Secondly, Expert or not, there will always be people who are less professional joining the server since they stacked up on landings and hours and XP.

  • Thirdly, implementing a system where you are given violation or a system ghost for being to close to another plane in the air or on the ground would further complicate things and create a new round of complaints in IFC about “Why did I receive a violation”.

TD;LR: @Hamza.N - PM a Mod or Staff. They are the ones who know how to handle these matters the best and in the most professional manner :)


Try looking here 😉

@James_Browne @Helmethead

Thank you for your comments. But be advised that this is a 2 month old thread and the matter was sorted back then. An anonymous user revived it for no reason.


Ok well you can check it out anyway since it’s started again