something needs to be done

It’s not a public humiliation.

What would be nice is if pilots could be responsible even when ATC is not present. You shouldn’t need someone looking over your shoulders all the time to follow the rules. Why don’t we stop blaming FDS/Mods/ATC and stop demanding they do something and begin to follow the rules of our own will. It’s time for some to grow up.


Yes, it is. You are exposing someone else on a public forum…


Does anyone understand? People will carry on doing this and its perfectly fine. Sometimes you are in a rush and you want to land but someone needs to ruin it for you.

Anyways just PM a moderator and action will be taken if need be:)


I don’t intend it to be like that. I’m staying that there should be something brought into place to prevent stuff like this. Anything like simple tutorials which new players have to go through before flying.
Yes there are tutorials on the forum but a lot of people who play haven’t heard of the ifc.

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Before anyone says “FDS. We need something against this” and everything, think about who the other person may be. They may not understand the works of the game, neither do they may know how to fly professionally. Don’t judge a book by its cover. It may just be a younger kid who doesn’t understand behind the controls and he may find it amusing to do so. In the game, there will be pilots who know how to fly, and there will be the ones who don’t. There will be some you like and some you don’t. There’s no need to create a topic on a forum becuase you didn’t like the way someone flies. That’s that.

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Yes, but all @Joseph007 was saying was to take this into a PM as this person is basically being exposed to everyone on IFC, which probably isn’t the most fun thing to have done to you. Do that next time instead of posting it in a topic in which everyone can see it.

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You have just proven my point. If people don’t know how to fly then why do they have access to the expert server?

Why is everyone going against Hamza? He dosen’t intend to ‘expose’ or ‘humiliate’ anyone.
He just wants a feature/ something to prevent this from happening to others.

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Then just create a feature request. Posting it in a topic won’t do anything except bring attention to the player.

@Hamza.N Please take this to a PM with a moderator to continue.

You can’t expect everyone to always be professional. I think reading my “essay” above would probably fill you in on many peoples’ mentality


I’ve read it clear, I’m just saying if its on expert it should be professional, not like TS which is chaos.(most of the time)

Just for you i have edited out the players name. A feature is a suggestion. I made this thread as a topic which needs to be discussed about whether the developers will do anything.

Then PM the moderators and they can take action as said numerous times before.

Everyone, drop your coffee, and drink some tea instead. In other words, no more caffeine & be a bit more calm, okay?

  • First of, PM a Mod about this. They will be able to assist you better than any of us can.

  • Secondly, Expert or not, there will always be people who are less professional joining the server since they stacked up on landings and hours and XP.

  • Thirdly, implementing a system where you are given violation or a system ghost for being to close to another plane in the air or on the ground would further complicate things and create a new round of complaints in IFC about “Why did I receive a violation”.

TD;LR: @Hamza.N - PM a Mod or Staff. They are the ones who know how to handle these matters the best and in the most professional manner :)


Try looking here 😉

@James_Browne @Helmethead

Thank you for your comments. But be advised that this is a 2 month old thread and the matter was sorted back then. An anonymous user revived it for no reason.


Ok well you can check it out anyway since it’s started again