Something needs to be done.

I’m at KLAX and this person lands directly opposite an AC on final. Expert server

Cotact the controller to file a complaint, and you can always report!

Theres no controller but you can PM a mod with your screenshots and they can look into it

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Can a Moderator look into this please. It’s extremely frustrating.

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Can you screenshot the atc log and send it to us? It may have been an issue in communicating

No, the appropriate action is to PM evidence to a mod. There is no need for it to be sent here.

I don’t think it’s a controller.

The user is trying to report a pilot that is landing on the opposite runway to the traffic which is causing the conflict

You can just shoot off a PM with that screenshot to a moderator and they’ll take the appropriate action (:


What server is this? If it’s Casual or Training, there is nothing to be done.

It’s on expert (: according to the OP

Was there a controller on duty?

Honestly he technically isn’t doing anything wrong. He had the right of way since he was at a lower altitude. Bud judgment landing with a tailwind yes, but it happens in RL all the time communication is key.

This was on Unicom. I was there and saw it as well. Attempts were made to send traffic advisories.

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I’m guessing that there wasn’t because KLAX hasn’t been controlled all day today.

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Then you just have to try and contact the person. The report button is disabled. It’s pretty saddening to see what people do when they can’t bother with an extra downwind leg.

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N4Y33M- Nayeem

Yesterday at Bahrain International. (Expert server)
Pushes back straight from the gate through grass onto the runway to save time.
Am backtracking 30L for 30R


A mod can close this now. Thank you.

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