Something missing

I know the A350 has come out but yet I get the feeling something is missing. Please don’t take this up the wrong way or as an insult devs but hear me out. Lately I’ve been feeling that something is missing in IF and it plays a big role in realism of the sim. I went through the #features segment and my eyes got stuck on taxiway lights,landing lights, taxi lights and tail logo lights. In my opinion night flights play a big role in real world aviation and that’s what is missing, before you shut down this topic, how many people actually want to take off at night in IF or changes night to day when entering a night timezone… I don’t mean this as an insult, I’m just expressing my opinion…thanks.👍


Clouds are in the works. And once the first iteration of clouds is released they’ll start working on taxi lights.

Tail lights was a spelling mistake

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If you take a read in those topics in #features - you’ll see that there’s been replies from various staff members about it :)