Something is wrong with the Sun and Moon

So when I was flying an Air Berlin 737-700 from EBBR-EDDG on solo the Moon and Sun appear very weirdly. Here is what they look like.

Here is what my graphic settings looks like.

I would like some help so I can get a good Sun shot and Moon shot.

Looks like you encountered the death star…

jk but this looks like a graphics error, maybe a developer knows the issue.


As mentioned by Blitz it’s most likely a graphics error but HAHA it really does look like a Death Star.


@ItsBlitz and @Kaven It does kind of look like a Death Star. Not sure why it would be a graphics issue though. Graphics are on high and I have tried on low and medium.

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I don’t have a solution to this but I must inquire- how does that come across as a Death Star? Looks like… I don’t even know what it looks like…

That’s no moon . . .

If you restart the app, is the issue still there?

What the…

Known issue in some instances. We have this documented internally. Thanks!

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