Something is wrong with the push back tugs

For the past few days that I have played as an airline pilot and I’ve noticed that when you tell the tug to stop pushing back it still continues to push back when you disengage the push back.

Yeah I have also noticed that. If that happens, you can just despawnd the truck and it will stop

I’ve been doing that but it’s been happening often.

Before the update pressing push to stop pushback stopped the truck dead. The aircraft jerked slightly up down. Now it slowly stops and looks a lot smoother in my opinion. Press push to stop, after 2 seconds engage park brake then detach tug is what i do. Much better

Well you don’t really want to have the aircraft to move freely because it could hit the building or another aircraft and when the front wheel is on the tug they get lock in so the 500,000 plane dose not move and the tug driver could lose his job if he lets the plane move on its own.

Its not going to destroy anything is it. Its a simulator

If this happens, you can also press the Stop button twice in quick succession and the truck will stop immediately.

Ok but don’t you play it as it were real life?

I play it as realistically as possible. Which is why i figured the most realistic looking pushback after the update.

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Also, i dont think in real life a push back operative would jam the brakes on the tug. He would apply them gradually.

Yeah but also if they had too slam on the breaks to avoid the plane hitting another plane or building like have you seen that video of that tug struggling to push back the 777 because it was too heavy or that plane that overshot the plane markings on the ground its devil’s advocate what can go wrong can go wrong.

So your not happy that in IF the pushback tug dosent stop dead and look jerky and horrible ?

@Nick_Emmi I work as ground crew at EGNX and as a being a qualified pushback operator, The ONLY time you would slam the brakes on during a push back or tow of aircraft is for an emergency situation. Size doesn’t matter if it’s an ATR or a A380 real work procedures are you alway bring the aircraft to above genital smooth stop 1 for the passenger comfort 2 for the safety of the aircraft and yourself does matter if you are pushing with a tug and bar or a nose lifter. So that is why it’s like this in IF after update to replicate RL operations

I think it doesn’t. They fixed the pushback SLAMMING the brakes and replaced it with a slow and smooth stop. Eventually after a few seconds it will stop.

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Yes. Looks much better

The pushback tugs just wanted to pop wheelies:(

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How good do you think the brakes on the pushback tugs are? I work ramp at DFW and push E175s on the regular. That’s an 85,000 lb airplane and even if I hit the brakes as hard as I can it takes a good 15 feet for the plane to come to a complete stop.


That was my point as well mate it does stop straight away unless you slam the brakes on I also work on the Ramp at EGNX for DHL and I can be pushing back a fully loaded 777 or 747 and they have made more it realistic now

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