Something In Manchester

So, I try to do a short flight to get me back to grade 3 while explore some of the new 3D airport. Then I decide that I want to fly from Manchester, United Kingdom to Dublin, Ireland. Both have 3D airport that I wanna check out. Then I found something interesting in Manchester. Hope you enjoy.

The Requirement So My Topic Didn't Get Closed

Departure: Manchester (EGCC)
Arrival: Dublin (EIDW)
Airline & Callsign: Easy Jet (Easy 284)
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Server: Training

Spawn at Manchester

Interesting IF Logo Here at Manchester

Taking Off From Manchester

Landing at Dublin (-818ft/min) preety sure I broke the landing gear, might get sued later.

The New A330-900Neo landing after me

Finally, Parked at Dublin w an A330 in the back

Alright that’s all, thanks for viewing/visiting. Any comment or suggestion or advice is welcomed, Good Day!


Nice pictures man! (Are the IF logo real) I didn’t noticed now until you showed us! But again nice pictures i loved pic. no. 5!

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Amazing pictures! But easyJet to Dublin! My eyes hurt


Hahah the IF logo in my hometown airport is a nice little easter egg. But it’s also nice to see the I love MCR logo there. Great photos!

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I found it


I too love My Chemical Romance, been a fan for years!

Excellent pictures


See it for yourself then ;)

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Haha saw you at Manchester earlier as I departed Aberdeen! I was behind you for departure :P Just so you know, easyJet don’t fly to Dublin though ;)

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Yeah, thanks for the info, I’ll fly more “realistically” next time ;)

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Haha no worries! They do fly to Belfast though!

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Alright gonna try it next time ;)

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