Something idk happy 2024

You’d be surprised to hear this but

Am back les go

Happy 2024 I guess

Flight info

Solo, 13h, VHHH - YBCG (Gold Coast), a330-300 Cathay Pacific

Now onto the photos

Taking off, Hong Kong

Idk but the light looks really good there

A bit after takeoff


I saw some corals on the sea

So I took photos of them cause why not

Flying over Malaysian territory


Finally arriving at Australia






Cathay Pacific go brrr

Cathay Paciic better

The landing tho 😍

If only this flight happened in real life… I wish
(Definitely not where I live)

Hell yeah!!! Epic shots 👌🏻👌🏻

Ummm bro just casually did that landing😂😂🔥🔥🔥

That landing would be something I’d literally buy a 15 layer cake for to celebrate

Text over the pictures look awesome, right in my face

When I see Cathay A330 it always reminds me of that landing with the thrust stuck almost at 80% 😬

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I wouldn’t cuz it was kinda infuriating to get 1fpm over my record

All my topics have landings like these tho

Thank you!

wow that landing! make sure you put that in the swiss001 tag on yt. nice pictures, too.

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Thank you for reminding me of the tag lol

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Autopilot speed thingy lol

Swiss001 don’t approve no music. If you add his butter song. EZ 10/10.

I wouldn’t cuz I respect my reputation

It was 10/10 tho. I’m giving you a hard time. Great landing!

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