Something I want share about region requests

From my post into Switzerland region, #2 most requested region

please don’t flag, discuss with me as real community do

Sorry guys, this is for me the only to get attention.

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What is the point of this post?
We know you love Swiss regions and you are desperate to get one in infinite flight, but why’s this?

i can say the same thing for Dubai

this is only the point where i want explain all the features discussed here take a great number of peoples say they’re want, but dont forget Infinite Flight actually missing of a lot of features requested in the feedback website… and i dont want the low voted features come before features that win +1500 or +2500 votes!

See this links for informations

Hawai, a available region but switzerland have more votes and not available yet

this is all i have to say…

Thanks @dush19 :)