Something I never knew about the 777-300ER until now

So I was watching a video and saw this:

This is a Korean Air Boeing 777-300ER registration HL8006. apparently 777-300ER’s have underwing lights??? I have never in my life knew this information and I wanted to know if anyone else has seen this before, if so please do share as it really fascinates me seeing underwing lights on aircraft. Also watched a walk around video and it looks like undering lights are common on 777-300ER’s:



I believe these are lights that illuminate the landing gear. This is used because the 777 (not sure which models) have gear cameras. And cameras without lights don’t really work as well.

Will look further into this and look it up on the web.



After searching it on Google, these are lights for the manouvering camera system. Think of them as taxi lights but for cameras. They are toggled by a switch in the cockpit and not automatically, so you sometimes see them when landing, or on the ground. Some pilots don’t even use it.


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