Something i found

Ok, found that one on 9gag, gave me some laughs, so let me share that with you…

It does makes me bit nervous boarding a plane,lol…but wth…


“Almost replaced”
…what? 😂

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Few things. @DeerCrusher closed this, last time for the reason stated in the topic that closed. And it’s still the same thing. There’s nothing. Considering it’s a FedEx A388. Which everyone knows the A388 isn’t a cargo aircraft. I know it’s a joke, but this doesn’t have anything that involves IF. I do agree it’s funny. But come on😂


No he closed it cause i didn’t wrote something and just post the picture…what i did …this time…

Forum is for IF related posts/questions not for stuff like this. I hate mini modding but the guidelines are pretty easy to understand. I do thank you for sharing this because it gave a great laugh when recovering in bed. Any more questions or concerns PM me:)

Thanx for clarification…i will never joke again in here…gottcha mate

Not necessarily, because there is a whole category called #real-world-aviation

Nah it fine, move this to #real-world-aviation, because it’s involving real aviation.

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FedEx had them on order, as did UPS, a cargo version was planned, and was slated to be the only version operated by a U.S. airline, but it was scrapped when it was found to be not economical…

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Yea i read up on it, would’ve been beautiful to see FedEx and Ups liverys on a cargo variant of the A388

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Ya, but the A380 is too big, and was never designed to do that…

Dare I say another way the 747 is superior… 😉

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That’s funny! But it doesn’t really fit in any category on the IFC, sorry.