Something I came across while flying the Dash 8 in Europe

So I started today in Amsterdam, flew to Zagreb. After a short stop I flew to Frankfurt, than back to Zagreb and than did my final flight to Dubrovnik. Unfortunately there were some strong crosswinds at Dubrovnik and after 3 go arounds I decided to divert to Split. But allong my journey across Europe I also noticed this KDC10 flying perfect big circles around the Netherlands.

A quick question how do you make such a flightplan to make this perfect circle?? Here are some screenshots from the Aircraft flying this perfect circle, while typing this he/she is still out there making this maneuvre.

Have a great day!



Check out this website made by a fellow Infinite Flight User called GHamsz.
You can create a circle FPL with as many legs, with any radius and at any airport you want.


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