Something happened in mid flight

I was flying no problems, no issues , and all of a sudden my plane took a spin to the ground about 15 minutes ago and had 2 speed violations now dropped down 2 grades from grade 5 to 3 ? Not normal from what I have flown . I am a seasoned and responsible flyer


Were you watching your flight the whole time?
it could’ve been the strong winds (if there was wind)

You must of accidentally hit one of the autopilot buttons, or it could be a bug. Try to reproduce the situation and see if it does it again

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Yes I was at fl 40 Mach 80 and everything was fine and than the plane took a turn down over the Utah area I have a solid internet connection and never had this happen before

Was there strong winds? cause sometime winds can tip the plane over

I will give it another try to see if this happens again. It’s seems as though the aircraft literally dropped from the sky like some issues where it would on the ground

I had a tailwind of 121 knots at the area and everything was pretty steady

hmm, ok, yea give it another shot over where you lost control… If it still happens maybe contact staff

Yep that is pretty the best I can do and see what happens again. As I mentioned, this is the first time I had experienced this odd issue in years

This seems like a wierd issue and never heard of this problem…

Me neither it was nothing I had experienced before

It most likely that this issue will only occur once- there are just sometimes something goes wrong but it only happens once. If it ever happens again I’d contact the staff

Yes I think so as well , I do know that the line server was marked red though at the time

Ok well your plane can’t just take a “spin” to the ground without a cause. Have you noticed your speed drop at all while climbing? Or simply had to do with the games performance. Most common incidents like yours don’t occur often… Also Jack was that red mark an “exclamation point”?

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Unless there is video of it happening theres no telling what happened. Just be patient and your violations will fall off.

Depending on your device, the AP switch is next to frequently used buttons. All it takes is a brush to turn it off. Then depending on when you last calibrated it could be bad.


True Chris , I consistently monitor my flights , I wish I had video of this , but it’s ok I can live with the violations only a week but something did go wrong and I did not press any ap buttons. Either way , it was weird.

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I have noticed with my tablet that if I use a sub-par charger that the screen becomes more sensitive. Not an IF issue but more device. I would hit the VS and other buttons would turn off.


Hmm interesting, depends on the device . I am all OEM Apple and have had no issues here with so many devices out there it also can be a hard teller with all this technology

Yes my live server mark was red with an exclamation at the time and api server was ok meaning green

I hit the stupid button and turn AP off all the time on accident. That would be a more reasonable explanation than winds or some phantom glitch. It’s easy to turn off on accident, or even just the altitude, if you’re not calibrated, has sent me downward.