Something borrowed, Something new

So today I was gonna post about the new 757 liveries but replay unfortunately stopped working so I though today I would give a tribute to TUI/Thomson as a group together and had a great flights all around Europe



It impressive to see some weathering on the Thomson livery

Here I come Innsbruck

And now for the Newer TUI Flight

Can’t find a good shot of the mountain but I think this is better

Evening sunset :)

A evening landing to finish a great 3 hour flight

Anyway 757 topic tomorrow if so


Also I may fly to Innsbruck again with TUI 757 since it’s pretty popular on UK Routes to this airport and it’s a reason to have a beautiful approach across the mountains so have fun with TUI 757 and 737


Great shots! Specially the 5th one

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Yep I agree

Nice 737-800 pic

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Thanks a lot :D

Amazing sunset shots

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That 6th is beautiful! Amazing shots you have taken! 🤩🔥

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I literally used to think TUI was based off the New Zealand bird.


@FlyIf_0011IFPA Im glad you do! :D
@Captain_Ry Definitly

@MisterSir thats pretty interesting actually


It actually is a abbreviation for the German „Touristik Union International“, which means something along the lines of international tourism union. The Company has a very interesting history having started under a completely different name in the manufacturing industry decades ago before becoming on of Europe’s leading travel companies.


Fantastic pictures of the smiling planes as well, I just love the livery and Madeira is looking superb as always! Thanks for sharing @GameBoy_KIRB!

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Great pictures! I flew EGKK-LOWI yesterday with the new TUI 757…

Oh, interesting!

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Loving the sunset photo!