Someone want to fly with me?

I tried to land at KLAX with a A321 from KONT and crashed I need help?


I’ll fly with you were are we flying

Anywhere you want to

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What sever do you want to fly with

I’ll join in with you guys, maybe 5-8 minutes?

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I have an idea, anyone have AF1?

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Yh sure just comfirming the location

Training server, SoCal?

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Lol, maybe, Edwards AFB to KNUCKLE?

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What region is socal

I’ll be Air Force 1, you guys join in fighters, let’s do TS1 also

its Southern California

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Southern California, start at KEWD I believe is Edwards AFB

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Ok what aircrafts we going to fly

I’ll join in soon guys, don’t start without the president XD

Fighters, you guys are fighters

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What kind of fighter jets?

Lets start flying california here i come

F-22s would be nice, but F-18s and F-14s would be okay

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I’m not available to fly right now, but i’ll give you a couple tips,

For starters, do a quick google search for the landing speeds for your plane, this will help you out a lot.

When approaching the runway, try to stay centered on the localizer, and if it’s an ILS approach, stay centered on the glideslope. Maintain your landing speed the whole time. This will give you a nice approach to the runway.

When you start to hear the altitude callouts, listen for 50. When you hear 50, it’s time to start your flare. Kill the throttle, and bring your nose up level with the horizon, making sure your back wheels touch down first.

Once you have touched down, gently push the nose of the plane down, and engage the reverse thrusters.

Hope this helps!