Someone want to Fly together? Now closed

CI stand on Amsterdam schiphol EHAM
someone want to fly?
My callsign is DS2001
I fly in a Boeing 747-4 KLM
To EDDL and back
ATC playground
Gate I stand is c 10R

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I am available but not for long.

I am I was away

I am going on now

I come now

I am the yellow tui 737

Please don’t feel offended if I have to drop out through the flight.

I’m on ATC

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thank you for the act!

You’re Welcome! :)

Do you have Ivao?

What heading are you flying?

Copy my flight plan

How do I copy yours?

Heading 139 12000 ft

Click on my plane go to map and info

Thankyou, Roger!

Go to my then we can fly vere close to gather

250 in the air airspeed

Oké I see it