Someone want to do a formation flight with me?

Does someone want to fly with me from Norwa Military to Canberra and back?
If yes spawn on the military ramp 16
I’ll be on the military ramp 17
Cruising altitude 8000 feet
Airspeed 180kts
When we park at Canberra at pushback and head back to Norwa, just follow me.
Listen to the ATC!
Server: Expert
Aircraft: A-10 since that’s the only fighter jet with autopilot.
And lastly, copy my fpl.

Departing in 5 minutes

I’ll come as PTAF in an A10

Great ok, cya in 2 minutes

I’m there, WOMBAT callsign

Just a little thing isn’t 180 knots a little low for cruise speed?

Line up together on rwy

Had to go right on take-off

Everyone who came; just a tip:

If you are flying “Flight of X”, the first person requests whatever and then all of you do that ‘manoeuvre’.


“WOMBAT Flight Of 4, ready for T/O”, once we get cleared we all takeoff

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Oh ok, btw, you were supposed to go to 8000ft not 20,000 and fly at 180kts. Anyway, it was nice flying with you.

Oh, sorry, didn’t know :)

Unlucky me came a bit late…anyways I’m gonna fly from YPEC to YMRY, basically longest stretch of Sydney…

I can do it again if you want :)

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It’s okay. Thanks for the offer though.

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Someone want to fly the same route?

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