Someone that could create a topic with me

Ok Im gonna get straight to the point.
About 3 weeks ago I started making a topic under the #ground-school:community-tutorials category, but a week later I lost that topic. It was under my drafts but it went. I don’t know where it went, but there’s nothing I can do about it.

I would never post anything under this category, as I’m sure there are many more people on this community forum that know more than I do, but I noticed that a much needed topic was missing so I decided to create it. It was a guide to London Heathrow airport. Like I said this has to be created and I thought, since it is my local airport, I should make this topic.

And I started to, but I lost the draft a week later and after asking for help, everyone said there is no way I can recover it. I want to start it again, but I realised that I might have another problem; I started creating this the first time because I was bored while we were in lockdown, but now since lockdown is lifting where I am, I’m not going to be available as much. So I decided to ask if someone could volunteer to create this with me. Just reply below and we can talk via PM. Thanks

Here are a few tips. Once you feel you need to save a topic, just copy-paste the text into a Google doc. That way, what you do will be saved to your digital archive and pick up where you left off.


Yeah thats exactly what I did with my event that I organised so the same thing doesn’t happen

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