Someone please tell me what aircraft this is?

I spotted this plane at Lewis University Airport a while back. I never found out what the name of it is. Very beautiful plane. Please help!?!?!?!?!?


Cessna Citation X :)

It’s a Gulfstream G150.

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I thought it was some type of Gulfstream just by the Design. But I could never find a picture of it.

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Well the reg number is N480jj so guess a quick goggle might find the correct plane?

And the result is…

Gulf Stream G150

The wonders of the Internet! Seemed to have been involved in an accident so might be worth reading the reports.

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Oh really?!?! Let me check it out.

OH MY. Crashed in Key West in 2011. Thats crazy.

This is Nascar driver Jimmie Johnson’s plane. Planes were flying into KLOT for a Nascar race here in Joliet Illinois, Chicagoland Speedway when I saw this plane.

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