Someone open OLBA!

That is extremely forceful on our lives. This is a flight sim, not a job.

Volunteers, IFATC is made of. In fact, we might as well not open because complainers need to learn how to deal with situations like this without atc.


Not forceful. Controllers have no obligation to reserve a time. They reserve if they have time and they want to.

Then why are you still complaining you said they reserve if they have time and want to. IFATC probably don’t have time right now you answered you’re own question basically.

Edit: I think what @Claudio is topics like these are really forceful on their lives.

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I’m sure some controllers are available now but don’t know that OLBA has no ATC. With the reservation list, we would always use the most controllers possible.

Sometimes the most controllers possible isn’t the right thing. They are volunteers they take time out of their own life and day to help us and when they take a break we shall just demand they quit what their doing and control again we’ve heard you about the reservation list please don’t respond this topic has gone downhill and needs to not be commented on again just please do not respond and read through the comments already said. Feel free to pm if you want to continue the discussion

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Am I being annoying?

  • Yes
  • No

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Annoying no, demanding yes.

ATC have lives too and they do their best volunteering their time to control when they can. I’m sure someone will hop on when they can.