Someone is getting fired after this XD

Hey guys, just casually doing a flight on the Expert server (EDDF - KLAX), and as I looked at the ECAM screen of the B77L, I noticed this minor spelling error of the “APU COOLDOWN” message on the ECAM. And it actually says “APU OOLDOWN”.
Pretty cool I guess xd


IF be lacking


Fact that nobody has pointed anything out about this in 4 years says something… What it says i dont know.


how did you manage to miss the absolute best chance to say “Pretty “ool” i guess xd”


Mind you, there are typos in real FCOM! Well spotted ;)

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Dang bro nice catch😂😂 but here i am getting absolutely attacked for pointing out that the Captain and FO are in the wrong seats on the 773 lollll


The reason you haven’t spotted this before is cause it’s a one-off - the message does say “APU COOLDOWN”, the C hasn’t been omitted originally; but there’s an issue where some characters on the aircraft screens aren’t displayed properly, seemingly at random. In this instance, it was the C on the EICAS that isn’t displayed as intended for you - pure luck, really. If you relaunch your app, chances are the C will be displayed correctly again.

Nevertheless, this issue has been reported internally.


I haven’t noticed this even after many flights flown specifically on 77L.
It could well be a bug that appeared after the update 24.1.

I will check this out anyway

be lacking

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