Someone help with VA

I need a guide to help me create a VA


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Thanks Latvia I read that but I need a person to help guide me

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What you looking for specifically?

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Well, I would recommend PM one of the IFVARB mods/admins for help

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How do I submit my request, btw thanks heaps for paying attention

That’s a thing to PM the IFVARB guys for, they’ll process your VA application, but you need to be TL2 first, which basically means you need to reply and make some new topics to get there😀

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Ok thanks for your time and effort :=)

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Before you begin you need meet the following for an IFVARB approved VA.

  • Member trust level (TL2) forum account . This must be the CEO’s own account. VA specific accounts can only be made once your VA is certified.
  • Knowledge and experience of the VA community - We expect applicants to understand how the IFC VA community works and ideally know people who are a part of it. ‘Experience’ is a loose term; experience in a staff team for a VA is ideal but being part of a VA as a pilot or other member may be enough to qualify you. We will also consider applicants who may not have been apart of a VA specifically but have a good forum presence and/or have been active on the forum for a long time. We will consider each applicant using their experience statement.
  • A Good level of maturity - We will assess this from your conduct when messaging IFVARB admins and staff, your general conduct on the forum, and in some cases will consult the moderation team for advice. There is no age limit, however, we can reject applicants based on their maturity alone.
  • Ensuring that it is not on the list of disallowed VA’s - We have been contacted by various airlines about copyright violations and asking that VA’s cease operations. The list of disallowed VA’s is attached below.

I wonder how they judge this? Is it not using emojis or lol?

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We look at how they respond to people, how they respect people ect


Are you an admin?

Nope - I’m one of the guys who review’s VAs for them.


I’ll message you with my plan, could you submit it to them? 🙂

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I think that’s a TL requirement

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No - To submit your VA request you need to

  • Contact an admin - IFVARB divides the world into 3 areas of responsibility of which each admin is responsible for 1 each:
@Brandon_K @BluePanda900 @Aquila @Danman
North, Central and South American VAs European and African VAs Asian, and Oceanian VAs Original VAs and VOs

As listed here
After you need to do the following:

  • Confirm the VA is unclaimed - In your PM please state which VA you want to claim. Please allow 48 hours for a response; we can be very busy. If your message goes unresponded please ‘bump’ the message by replying to it with a polite reminder. The admin should reply back confirming whether the VA is claimed or not and that you are eligible to claim it.
  • Prepare the necessary documents - We require CEOs to complete 2 documents. These should be presented as shared Google Docs links- we cannot provide emails. If you have difficulty in presenting your documents in this format, please advise your admin who should be able to help.

The Experience Statement image

The Experience Statement allows us to get a bigger picture of you as a potential CEO. It contains 4 questions:

  1. Why do you want to start a VA/VO?
  2. What do you hope to get from starting a VA/VO?
  3. Why are you a good candidate for running a VA/VO?
  4. What previous experience have you had with VA/VO, and what position and responsibilities have you had during that time?

Be honest and specific. There isn’t really a wrong answer to any of these questions, however more interesting and detailed responses are more likely to impress the staff groups, making them more likely to want to work with you. Your experience statement must be in Google Docs format with a viewable link provided to the admin. This is to enable the IFVARB staff to view your statement when necessary.

The Operations Plan (formally the Mission Statement) image

The Operations Plan provides the IFVARB staff groups with information about your potential VA. There is no requirement for a website, but you should include your branding, ideas and plans. Again, more detailed and interesting plans are likely to attract the member groups, so put in effort now- it could mean you are certified quicker in the long run.

To create your operations plan, click here and make a copy of the document. You should be able to edit it after this is done. Make sure that link sharing is on before you send it to your administrator.

Once these have been accepted by your admin, you are now ready for the next stage.


And as an FYI, if you’re making an Asian VA, PM @BluePanda900 as Aquila is on a LOA currently.


It seems you just quoted a whole topic @anon93248082 lol

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Thanks to mark and Latvia for the help! Have a nice evening or afternoon or whatever and hopefully ttyl🙂😔


Btw can someone close this?