Someone help please!

My Facebook account got deleted so it is gone but I only put my profile picture and 1 comment so it doesn’t matter but I logged on to the IF community through it so I can’t log on. Can one of the staff change my password so I can go back on the IF community again. My account is @Narroc_Wim

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Should I pm one of the staff?

Yeh …

PM one of the staff to help your needs

1 post doesn’t really matter though so I think you should stick with this account .

I don’t think that’s what he meant. I think he meant that he uses his Facebook to log on to here, and his Facebook account (which had one post) was deleted, meaning he had to create a new account.

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Oh sorry …

I posted so many things on my account for IF community. Who should I pm?

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I just said my Facebook is gone.

This would be under the ‘Meta’ category unless your account also got deleted in game.

What do you mean?

I can’t pm yet because I need to make 5 topics.

Can someone pm @DIsraelFDS for me?

everyone, thanks for all the help! I was logged on on my mac so I just sent a password change request. Again thanks for all the help!

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