Someone help me pick a 20-21hr flight

Hi, and yes I know, there is already one of these, but I want a 20-21hr flight, not 24+ hrs
I was thinking about:

please help me pick.

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Try FPLtoIF’s Random Flight page! Try it out and find a flight that suits you! :)


I also need a plane to fly it, here’s some options for myself:

JFK to Sydney


My iPad is bad, so I need a dest like fra where nobody goes.

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I can’t do JFK

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CLE or CVG to Melbourne

I don’t like airbus by the way, I refuse to fly an airbus plane.

How long is cvg-Mel

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Doesn’t fly an Airbus?!?!!?

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18 hours just about because 16 hours to Dallas and it is a 2 hour flight to Cincinnati

I prefer Boeing.

My fav plane:
B 737 MAX-9

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I recommend the 747-8 because it can store 22 hours of fuel

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Dang its
1:Not in game
2:Not enough range
3:just, not in game again

I know I love the 737 I just don’t fly it a lot because i like flying cargo

Holy moly, 747-8 is a big boi

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What about AKL-IAD b788 or b77l

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That’s perfect recommend United 787-9
Or ANZ 77-300 all blacks

Or we could do LHR-syd b788 or b789

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