Someone else account

I think that I found the reason why it happened
(My account used on another device?)

As you can see over, there is the stats of someone that I don’t know. How did I get to this? While I was trying to connect I touched my name on the top right corner and it just happened.

So one day if your account is used by someone else it’s maybe because of this.

Just sign out, close the app and relaunch. Does it still do this after doing those things?

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I had the same issue, it only happens when the device is offline. When connected, the current stats are shown.

Nope, it works perfectly after closing app

I didn’t even had to log out

I just wanted to say that there is a way to connect another account.

But you were offline when this happened right?

Yes, I was trying to get connected

This shouldn’t be an issue after connecting.

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This toppic can be closed now I think