Someone come to panc!

everyone come to anchorage alaska!
search panc and join! ill be there!
high gusty winds and low visibility
big storm right now here in anchorage!


I’ll be there in a few seconds. What server are you on?

Welcome to the community by the way!

I am on expert server right now at panc


How are you @Christopher_Nicholi!!

Welcome to the wonderful IFC! A few things to note. This topic truly is a #live:groupflights so change the topic of this post to that. Make sure you meet the requirements and try and choose the best category for every post you make.

Here are some helpful links:

Enjoy your stay here with us,


I don’t think this is worthy of groupflights. He’s just informing people of the winds and to come fly, no specific flight.

Plus… how is the ATC recruiting thread related to this?


Thanks for the controlling @Christopher_Nicholi, niece work!

I don’t think the wind liked my takeoff. 😂

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Just helpful links as a welcome to the community. I also believe he is trying to find some people to join him in flying but correct me if im wrong.

Edit: Seems as he was wanting some traffic while he was controlling. :) So not a Group Flight apologies.

It’s windy here in south England rn. Strong gust winds FYI😜

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