So I’m waiting for a flight on a 737-8max from denver to Huntsville and theres a delay cuz of avionics (boeing fans your 737 is not flawless) and I manage to do 3 flights in the delay ksea to klax ksea to klax to kden and klax to kphx

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This topic doesn’t fit in this category, you need to be TL3 to be able to access the lounge which is the most appropriate place to talk about this.

Also don’t think it fits into #real-world-aviation that’s why i said lounge but correct me if I’m wrong ;)

Topic that may help you:

Yeah I know I’m tl2

General is the closes I could find

As long as we’re stating random things, the sky is not yellow.



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As you know, delays happen all the time for various reasons whether it’s operational, maintenance or weather related it’s not worth making a topic over.

On a side note, keep playing IF at the terminal ;)