Somehow Sunny Spotting @KGRR

A warm and sunny 27 degrees brought me 7nm south to the airport. Ended up in a t-shirt, but anyway here’s the pics.


Route: GRR-MCO
Aircraft: A320neo


Route: SFB-GRR
Aircraft: A320

American Eagle

Route: GRR-ORD
Aircraft: E175

Delta Connection

Route: GRR-DTW
Aircraft: CRJ-900


Route: ATL-GRR
Aircraft: A320


Route: RSW-GRR
Aircraft: A320neo

United Express

Route: ORD-GRR
Aircraft: CRJ-550

Delta Connection

Route: DTW-GRR
Aircraft: CRJ-700


Nikon D40
First time taking it spotting

That’s all for now, thanks folks!


I see my school!!! Nice shots, bro 🤙🏻


Thanks @Cooper_Marcukaitis, drove past it as well trying to go see the new international building.

Sweet. Our new hangar is really coming along, too!

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Love these kind of pics, looks amazing my favorite pic is number 6 love all frontier liveries fabulous pic quality too thanks for sharing … keep it up have a great day. And stay safe

Greetings from Germany 😉


Thanks for the kind words, all the pics looked very very blue because of the sun and snow.

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Since no ones seems to have told you this

Your white balance is off, check on the dslr where the setting is an leave it on auto.

You photos shouldn’t look this blue, basically the dlsr should be able to see the snow and base the colors from the white of it.

If this is a choice on your part, well that’s a different story


Thanks for the feedback, this is the first time I’ve used one of these cameras, and help was needed.

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Well, welcome, but sorry, unfortunately I saw you posted the dark blue for sure blurry in the winter.

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@amaryahjohnson1996 I wasn’t using a filter, it just came out this way.

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@IF_KGRR Oh, hmm.

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You have a D40, if one day you get the chance to put another lens on it I’m sure it will look sharp!

Maybe ask other spotters if they can let you try a new lens. That’s what I did when I started and I got to try a friend’s something something - 240mm. (actually he let me try his whole camera because his wasn’t compatible with mine.

Honestly, you’ll get addicted to spotting and find yourself at the airport on a 170°F summer day just for one special visitor wondering where it all went nuts!

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Love all planes!!

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I feel blue 😉

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