Somehow I recived 50% of the HotFix

I know this is weird but it’s true
I have recived 50% of the August HotFix. All the bugs that are supposed to be fixed are fixed. But I haven’t received the new liveries. Or the new callsigns. I have had multiple failed attempts to get the update (because of the I.R.I’s slower than a turtle internet) but a failed attempt should not add half of the update.
Device information

Device:iPad air 2, 64GB

Device storage: 2.0GB

OS:iOS 9.2.1


Hi mate…delete and redownload the app…that might fix it…

Apparently I can’t download ANYTHING from the App Store

Device+Ios please

Internet connection?

Internet connection failed halfway through?
A hatful isn’t really through the App Store.

No it didn’t go passed this stage:

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If you having this problems:
What i do once in a while is:
Settings-General- Reset- Reset all network settings
Than after the restart enter your network ( need password) again , and look if it goes better)
Be careful not to hit any other option in reset, you may wipe your pad clean!!!

Try to upgrade your iPad, because the newest version of Apple now is iOS 9.3.5 and your is so old!

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When I go to my grandma’s house I’ll do just that

Maybe there the updates will download properly also…

Your are welcome, can you click “Solved by Mattia_Bordoni”? 😂

That’s odd…

That’s not the reason. I’m on android 4.2.2 & mine is completely fine.

You have Android, he has Apple, so you don’t say this if you have Android, I have Apple and this problem is frequent by Apple Diveces

I was saying that older versions should not affect the update. FDS optimise updates so that they can be used on older versions.

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