Somehow bought live for an unknown account

Hello. I bought a month of live and it is not showing up on my main account even though I was logged in. I only have one account and I have google play store receipts. What can be done? I want to use what I paid for.

Is this common? I’ll try and let you know!

Yes it has happened before.


You said an unknown account? If so, the steps listed is not necessary :)

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exactly this

Should I post or pm?

You can post. Display name & callsign are no big secrets :)

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default callsign with unknown account- N79XV

Main account username- IFC-Paul Zach
last callsign in use- Southwest 544 Flight of Two

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It’s fixed now :) Just restart the app and everything should be correct.


You guys are too helpful! Thank you so much and stay safe!