Somebody in the Pacific

Which Dev do you think is in the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and California right now? image


Of course Laura

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Heading to San Fran

She’s probably making her way back to SFO to round out the world tour.

Is IF her whole time job?

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Laura is everywhere now (global exist for she but no for we…)

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It’s obviously me…

It’s Laura


Yea Right!

Welcome party at San Francisco?

How long will it take her? I’ll fly in an f-22 to escort her

No idea. At least 4 more hours.

I wish Fore flight was free

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Of course Laura man

Either Laura or one of the global beta testers. There is no need to post on this it’s nothing we already know 👌

If you buy all airports in global you get to unlock Cthulhu. That is what they are testing. CTHULHU CONFIRMED.


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