Somebody free to do long haul together

I am bored in Training server somebody free to do a long haul???

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Hello! For group flights, I suggest utilising the Discord Server, in order not to clog up the forum, and to find like minded pilots who also want to fly!

Ok but for now I wanna keep this topic.

The purpose of the Discord server is to avoid clogging the forum with threads like these. If everyone was using the IFC for their group flights, it’d just be a cluttered mess that’ll be hard to look past.


Ok fine can u pls keep this topic and not close it

It’s not his decision to close it, it’s the mods. As others have said, please use the Discord server to organize group flights.

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Ok close it Idc I can’t use discord.

Its not gonna be faie, If we keep it everyone will say why arent they allowed to open these topics too.

I’m avaliable, reply if you still wan’t to do

Ok fine close the topic

I’m down mate you can dm me!

Sure accept my invite

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then start making your posts useful for once


Ok fine I’m sorry

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