Somebody - Amsterdam to São Paulo - An IF Movie

Hello! I made another youtube video on my channel, which in my opinion is my best one yet! Quite a scenic flight, considering how much of it is just plane pun intended ocean. Hopefully you enjoy the video. If you want to give me a view, click Here. If you just want to stay on the IFC, down here!


Aircraft & Livery: KLM 777-300ER
Route: EHAM - SBGR
Flight Time: 11:45
Server: Expert

Felix out.


That’s really cool. Nice job.

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One of your better ones for sure! I do also like your TMB formation flight video, but I wish that you would’ve used a few more angles in that one. This KLM flight is amazing though! Well done!

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awesome! 😍

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Great Video and Great Route to Fly With KLM

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