Some work pics

Here are some pics of the aircraft I’ve been working on this week thought you all might enjoy



Dang you’re lucky!

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What a nice job for an aviation enthusiast :D

Oh my god lucky duck

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It’s fun I should be going up next week for my introductory flight and begin training in the next couple of months for my ppl

Well I’m already training just home study for the ground test :)

Great how is ground school like because I’m starting in September

I’m just doing self study which is cheaper and everyone I talk to says it’s more beneficial it’s a lot of reading text books but I enjoy it. Just go to the and you can find all the text books you need most are only 10-15 dollars on Amazon

Thanks man I already have the books and waiting to open them on the first day

My instructor told me self study is the best way so that’s my plan luckily I see them everyday so if I have a question I can just ask

Great thanks for the tips