Some Waypoints Not Appearing in Infinite Flight

On numerous occasions, I’ve noticed that when inputting a flightplan that I’ve found on FlightAware, a lot of waypoints do not show up. For example, when flying from Frankfurt the other day, I tried to input the waypoint “BIBT2L” into my flightplan, and it doesn’t show up. In fact, most of the waypoints I plug in do not show up; even if they aren’t a part of a SID or STAR. I’m not sure if this is due to there being some inaccuracies with FlightAware, or the team just forgot to input them in. I’ve restarted my app as well as my device numerous amounts of time, and nothing seems to help it.

iPad Air 2
iOS 10.2.1
Latest Version of Infinite Flight

IF uses old open access databases for now. This is being worked on.