Some VOR's not showing up on map after 20.1

Hi there,

First of all I’ve been loving the update so far. However, I have a slight issue here. I’m currently using to make a flight plan from KSUU to KNSI and after the update, a large majority of my VOR’s have disappeared. When I type It in into the search bar, it shows up. However I can’t actually physically add the VOR into my FPL. And this happens for several VOR’s. Here are some photos:

This is when I type it in. The VOR exists

And as you can see the VOR is invisible when I tap on it. I don’t get the option to add it to my FPL.

I’m not exactly sure if this is an issue, hence why I didn’t put it into #support. Maybe its an issue on my end? I’ve tried the following:

  • Restarted App
  • Restarted device
  • Changed wifi networks

My device is an iPad mini 4 and I am playing in solo.

If this is an existing issue apologies as I have not been reading the forum a lot recently. Help would be greatly appreciated.

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The disappearing VOR when you tap on it is a known issue. It will improve with one of the navigation database updates that came independent from App updates.
Sidenote, if issues with navigation data occur a „clear scenery cache“ from the settings general menu might help…


I’ve just cleared scenery cache but it didn’t seem to fix it. Thanks for your response, I’ll be waiting for the next navigational update.

Clearing cach was just to complete your list what to do when anything occurs. Could have written that it didn’t help in this specific case.

I just had this issue with waypoints. I waited a few seconds and they reappeared, but your situation might be different.

First of all, long time no see!
Second of all, don’t have a clue. Probably something to do with the SIDs/STARs

These VORs are TACANs, we chose not to show them on the map for this update as they added clutter and need more time to be implemented properly, but they’re still searchable since they’re needed for procedures.

We’re working on improving this in a future app update (we need to make changes to the map too)

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It happened to me yesterday, if you type it with another waypoint (like for lats and longs) it will appear in your FPL.

Refer to Cam’s answer