Some very interesting MD-11 camera angles!

Hello IFC!

Well I am sure there is one thing we all love. That is an interesting camera angle. For me that is a tail view, wing view or behind. Not quite sure what I mean? Have a look at the pictures. Also, I have started to try and keep my topics short and sweet as I have realised they are getting boring. So let’s go :)

  • Taken on solo
  • Aircraft is the MD-11
  • Livery is Infinite Flight Retro
  • Airport was Dublin (EIDW)

Tail view:

Wing view:

Behind view:

What was your favourite?

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Here’s 3 pictures but 4 options to choose from

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Sorry, @CPT_Colorado & @Ur_Friendly_Approach you will have to vote again. Nice spot, thank you 😁

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Tail view tbh

That is a nice view :)

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Beautiful pictures!! I think my favorite is the first one, I always love those kind of shots with the tail and the camera below the wing.

I’m really liking that first view Luke, great work mate!

Thank you @Mr-plane-guy1 & @Qantas094!