Some users can't be clicked

With select users, the ones I remember are @anon95564379, @MarshallRotar and @Tristan_Hensley. Why is this? I can click on other anon accounts in the case of @anon955whatever but what about the other 2?


I wonder this also. I have experienced it with atleast a dozen accounts


I believe these users have been permanently suspended. And most anonymized users profile can’t be viewed by others


Because these users accounts have been deleted by moderators or anonymized, usually because these users caused trouble on the forum or have requested to leave the forum and have there account removed.
Hope this answers your questions, warm regards,


I can see all other anon accounts and permbanned accounts


Yes, but some Anon accounts can’t be opened. Perhaps like Chris said, their account have been deleted by moderators


Some accounts—you don’t want to see


Same, I have been unable to click on some suspended/anon accounts since I joined.

Btw if you click on it a lot of times it comes up with:
Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

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Now that I know I really want to see. hmm I wonder…


Same here… but I swear Carson is always shrouded in a blanket of mystery. Why so mysterious @Carson?


Same, look they may have deleted their account.

You can click on anon accounts, for example this was an alt I made: @anon45597253

That is BBJMAX… are you sure?

Pretty sure my logo was orange, that was the only orange anon I saw xD

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@Qantas737guy I’ll try to find it and send via PM

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Becuase the users may be anonymessed (i dont know how to spell it) or
banned by moderator I think because online violation or being against the
rules or etc.

This happens when a user gets their username changed - what you can see is the old username. As the account doesn’t exist under that name anymore, you can’t click on it.

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But a user got thwir name changed and the posts get changed over to the neew name

But tags do not change. An example is @anon88794458’s old name didn’t change in the ifatc post, so when you click it it says the page doesn’t exist.

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Yeah but I don’t think the tags do.