Some United love

I did a flight from JAC-DEN I want to do something short and fun.

Flight time- 1:00
At the gate getting ready for our 1 hour flight.

Taxing to runway 19 at JAC

Getting ready for take off.

Take off See you later JAC

At cruise no snacks were served but I bought a water with me.

Descending into Denver

Top view of Denver

On final runway 34R

Taxiing to our gate

At our gate Thanks for flying with us and have a Great Thanksgiving!


It’s my amazing home!!!😜

nice trip!

I did because of you.

Thank you.

I appreciate that a whole lot

And because I was bored.

How was you able to get some outside shots on ur flight ?

Does United have a special deal to go creative mode ?

No a local spotter took them.

Oh does gravity not exist to Denver spotters ?

No. @AviatorEgcc