Some Underrated Locations

I’m trying to visit some underrated locations in Infinite Flight. So I figured I’d share some shots from these places, and maybe convince people to diversify their flights a little.

Server: Expert
Time: Varies
Route: Varies

Chitose, Hokkaido, Japan (RJCC)

St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands (TIST)

Kabul, Afghanistan (OAKB)

Victoria, Seychelles (FSIA)

Tivat, Montenegro (LYTV)

Dzaoudzi, Mayotte (FMCZ)

Lhasa, Tibet (ZULS)

Thanks for reading!


Looks great. I can almost hear the engines on the 7th one

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Nice one! Also I’ve been to RJCC, TIST, OAKB, FSIA, and ZULS

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