Some Tropical Flying

Today I decided to do a flight from KDFW- PHNL. The flight time was 7:23 on the expert server. I fly this flight IRL in 2018 to go to Hawaii in a 772 so that’s what I’m flying, now a 789 is used.

Bye, bye Dallas!

Getting escorted by @Henry over the middle of no where Texas.

Saying goodbye to the mainland. And on the replay seeing the name of @Pingu below us at KLAX

Crusing over the middle of the pacific ocean, nothing but water will be seen

Desending with the beutifial mountains of O’hau in front of us

“You can always go around”

On final for Honolulu’s Reef Runway


Taxing to the gate

At the gate in Honolulu with some vacationers

It was a great flight and made it special that I’d done this IRL. Though we did have severe turbulence over Texas with winds peaking at 129 Knots of a 30 degree crosswind.
I loved it! The approach was beautiful! I would 100% recommend it

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Thanks for viewing!

“From Now, until the next time, see you in the skies!” -Jeb Brooks


Amazing pictures 😍😍😍! Hope you’ve had a safe flight to Hawaii!

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I did! Thanks!

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nice, well done

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Cool pictures! I had a go-around at Honolulu with an American aircraft last week. Funny 😂

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Thanks @DaGamingChicken

And funny @anon74260613

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Great images! Hawaii never disappoints, nor does the good old 772!

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Very much agreed!

I love those pictures, especially the fourth one!

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This is when I had my screenshot resolution to 1x, so they could be better.

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ahhh so you use 21.2 now i guess??

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Yep, and now I have them set to 4x so they look amazing, haven’t taken a screenshot with buildings though

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im still on 20.3

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