Some thoughts about ATC on Training Server

Here’s the story about how this come into my mind. I was just in the tower at EGLL, and this pilot didn’t follow any instructions. Firstly, he entered straight into the runway without clearance. Secondly, after he was told by me to exit the runway, he just turned to a opposite position for takeoff and requested takeoff again. This is not acceptable at all. The opening runways in EGLL was RWY 09L & 09R, according to the wind direction on the metar. I really want to report this pilot here. Also, I want to discuss with everyone about how to let pilots follow ATC instructions on Training Server. I watched every tutorials on the youtube channel about ATC by Tyler, and I am also preparing for my IFATC test, so I’m pretty sure that I can do well in ATC. But training server is a terrible place; some pilots on it don’t know anything about ATC instructions and we really don’t have a way to tell them to follow instructions, like on Expert Server. I hope there may be some features added on Training Server to let pilots follow instructions as well as ATCs providing good services.


I agree with you that training is a terrible place. Personally I think controllers should be able to ATC at smaller airports on the expert server to get proper training because the training server barely offers that.


It’s called training server for something. People are training.
And some pilots think that IF is just a game, but other pilots think that it’s a simulator.
You can’t push someone to follow ATC instructions on training if they don’t want to.

Actually, I partly agree with you. I think expert server ATCs must be well-prepared and full of knowledge, so accepting ATCs not familiar with procedures is not a very good idea, and in this case, expert server may become a mess like training server. The training server needs some methods to enforce pilots to follow GOOD ATC instructions (Because I also saw some terrible ATCs there). I think qualification according to ATC’s operation times might be a good idea. For me, I operated more than 3,000 times on training server, and I think that I can be able to provide a better ATC service than other ATCs on training server (Of course, IFATCs are better than me; they’re models for us ATCs on training server). This is just a piece of idea on my mind. Anyone with better ideas can correct me. Thanks!

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My personal problem with putting more controls for pilots onto training is that it will destroy what the server is meant for. Maybe only training ATC with a certain amount of hours or aircraft landings under their belt can control on smaller expert airports then work their way up to full sized airports. I think it would give ATC more time to improve because they get to handle pilots who are more experienced on IF. Also it would allow for a more diverse set of airports on expert to be controlled at once.

I’ve seen you on the ATC section, and I know you’re a good ATC. I just wanted to think about some ways to let good ATCs provide services without these disturbance of bad pilots. You can see my reply down below. Maybe it’ll be a good idea, or if you have better idea, you can tell us, too.

You can’t just delete bad pilots, it’s impossible. Because if you do, they won’t pay the monthly subscription and IF will lose money.

I don’t think there is a way to handle this problem.

I think maybe IF can force the pilot to watch the some necessary tutorials before entering the game or entering TS as well as ES. Pilots can’t be just so rude on the server; it’ll destroy the controllers’ mood.

And how do you want to do this ?

I’m not a programmer so I don’t know if it’s possible. I think developers of IF can put some necessary videos like brief intro, using ATC through your flight, etc. on the YouTube channel to the IF app to let pilots watch them, and after the pilots finish watching, they can access the training server. This is not a 100% guarantee, but it’ll have some effect. After all, a bad pilot will ruin your mood when you’re flying or controlling.

Off topic but I started reading the first words of your post to the theme of Bel air 😂


Or like a tutorial or something. But that would be really difficult to implement I think.

I agree that you don’t get proper training on the TS. But that’s also why there is a written and practical test to become an IFATC.
To be sure that people on ES will get good ATC.

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I notice that you said that you are preparing for your IFATC test. I just passed the written test (barely) and am about to take the practical. All I can say is that these practice sessions help a lot. Best of luck!

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I’ve taken written test before when I barely have any knowledge and just because of passion, and it failed as you can expected. Now I am well-prepared with 3,000 operations and just waiting for the end of the two-month rule of last ghosting😂

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Like you said, if you’re going just with passion you will not pass.
Read the ATC manual (only tower and ground) 4-5 times (like I did). And you’ll be sure to pass!

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But whe’re going a bit off-topic here. :)

I’ve read this one a lot of times, even had it printed out to read😂😂

This is one of those situations where there’s no right answer to solving the problem.

You are right that TS sucks for ATC that actually wants to do legitimate ATC and actually get something out of. The pilots of TS that are following rules are far and few between.

However, its training server as mentioned above. My suggestion is to just focus on the training tracker threads when you are actually wanting to get something out of it, and then when you’re just trying to get operations and mentally prepare in a busy airspace, hop into those busy locations but understand that the pilots won’t always follow the rules.

In that situation, the best thing you can do is just pretend they are and let them be, continue to provide good service to the other pilots. And then remember that obviously you’ll have the same trolls and people that dont follow the rules on ES, and you’ll be prepared for how to expect them and act accordingly

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