Some things that this game could improve on

So I have written a review on the Appstore saying about what this game could add and they told me to post it on this website within the next day so props to the developers. These is pretty much just a copy and paste but here it is, I hope this is added to the game!

  1. Create a system where you work from the smaller planes to the better planes like the Cesena to the a380, you fly the planes delivering cargo, passengers etc. Say if you were to crash with this cargo you would lose half of the profit you would of made. You can also make it so that longer flights make you more money. For example a flight from KLAX to KSAN would make you $1 million and KLAX to Heathrow would make like $10 million or whatever. Bigger planes make you more money and I guess you get the idea.

  2. You can still keep the infinite flight pro but it unlocks certain premium planes (these could be made up or something like that) The other planes if you can’t bother to save up for them you can buy money like $2 for a $1 million in game. The infinite flight pro can also give you a certain money a month and increase profit by 1.5x. You can add/not add other things I’m just brainstorming things. The Infinite flight pro is effectively like the fortnite battle pass or whatever you want to call it.

  3. Make more realistic ground services and ground effects etc. There is people who have pulled it up but you could add loading animations like passengers boarding etc. What you could also add is better ground effects like cities etc. What I would also like to pull up is refuelling. Like you could put in how far away the destination is and the machine will put in the right amount of fuel required for your journey. What I would also like you to add is interior on the airplane like the crj that is free.

  4. I personally think that multiplayer should be free for everyone and no one should be paying for it. Expert servers should also be free so everyone can play seriously and not have deal with people who don’t. I just hate it as well when I can’t fly a certain distance so all areas should be unlocked. Also if you break a rule the speeding you can get a fine and it will take a certain amount of money away and you can go into debt etc.

  5. This one isn’t as big but time speeders. When I get prepared for a flight and I see that I will have to sit dormant for 3 and a half hours even with the 5x speed one I die a little on the inside. You can include this in the premium a lot but I think that it should be increased.

  6. Last but not least… Plane sounds. They all sound the same! Please please please can you change them. It’s a little thing but it will make a big difference.

That’s all I have got but I may come up with some more. I know I have a lot and this doesn’t have to be added to the game all at once. Thanks for reading!

edit: well looks like I messed up there but as I said the devs (probably an auto message) said to post it here so that’s it. Didn’t expect it to go this badly, I’ve only been playing this simulator for like a week so I don’t have a really experienced view. To people standing against the people who were roasting me cheers but I need that experience and I know not to post anything stupid. Yes I did delete how good it would be because it makes me look stupid. But thank you for your views and next time I’m going to think about the developers. cheers


How you going to run a server for free?


How would you enforce 4 if everyone can play on expert server?!

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it takes a lot of money to maintain this game, from licenses to development. don’t expect everything to be free because the devs HAVE to find some way to keep this game financially supported.


Prepare for a wall of text as a reply:

1: So in essentials - a career mode that gives you in-game currency. We sorta already have this through the 3rd-party app Infinite Passengers but if I’m not mistaken the “career” mode in that app is an in-app purchase plus 3rd-party apps are not officially supported by the game so you could run into issues - which only the developer is going to be able to fix (fyi the app has only had 3 updates in the last year - and all three were just fixing issues). Plus adding in-game currency will make the app feel more like a kids game (like all those quite bad sims on the app store) rather than a proper flight simulator.

2: So in essentials - bringing back the functionality to purchase individual planes again. See the reasoning why this is not likely to happen below from the update log where this functionality was removed:


Yeah…no - this I have a feeling would NOT be popular. People already complain about the price of the Pro subscription - adding more purchases on top (like unlocking certain aircraft) would just make said people more annoyed.

3: This feature request is probably the closest thing to what you are suggesting:

4: This…isn’t going to happen - it takes a huge amount of resources to stream global satellite scenery to devices and manage the multiplayer servers - that simply can’t be made free. Its a fact of life that in the majority of cases - you need to pay to have awesome things.

Also, Expert Server would become ever more of a mess than it currently is if you allow new players access to it, it’s supposed to be for serious players who know what they are doing and are willing to dedicate time to the app - it was recently changed so that the 90-day requirements for Grade 3 were dropped - so you won’t lose access to Expert Server (once you’ve gained it) except for violations.

5: Different time speed options would be pretty cool - I can’t seem to find a feature request for it so feel free to make one once at the required Trust Level.

(however, it could be Discourse Search being the nightmare it is)

6: While more realistic plane sounds would be awesome - they are very expensive to acquire and not easy to implement. Plus it was mentioned by Jason on Discord that the current way they are programmed in the sim means that if they break, they can’t fix them - Custom Sounds in Infinite Flight.



All in all what you described was like a game. This is a simulator which is different. This gives us the independence to decide what route to fly etc.


Seven words: this is a simulator, not a game.


Realest words ever said 😂😂🤌🤌


Some of the suggestions here could possibly work. But others, I feel like they do not have a big purpose here.

  1. Flight ranking

I like this. However, IF is a free flight game, meaning that you can freely fly any aircraft at any time, anywhere.

  1. Premium Features

The pro subscription already unlocks most of the IF fleet.

  1. Multiplier

This really is not needed. Those without an IF sub have certain regions they can fly into. And having IF players with the sub, who have global flight access, would not be fair.

  1. 3D buildings

We have 3D buildings… I’d say that’s good. But having an improvement would not hurt!

  1. Free multiplayer

O’ how the many ways this can flaw. BUT, the main point of IF Pro is multiplayer.

Bonus for number 4:

Making multiplayer free would give every single IF player a chance to go there and troll…

  1. Speed up flight.

This just destroys the purpose of a flight sim. Having a 10 hour flight being shorter, has no fun in it.

  1. New engine sounds

Only aircraft that got renewed in the last couple updates got new engine sounds. But more is to come.

I’m still adding more, might finish it later.


There is a lot wrong with these suggestions. I’m going to name at least one thing wrong with each point.
Second point- Again, its not Airline Commander 2024 and it would literally make it P2W.
Third point - There already is a fuel tab in W&B and it shows you around how far it can fly. There are also online tools. Also, developing a plane takes lots of time and money, so people who don’t pay shouldn’t get it.
Fourth point - You think running and maintaining a server is cheap/free?!
Fifth point - NO! Thats not the point of a flight sim, to speed up a flight! If you just need a game go play airline commander.
Sixth point - They are actually slowly updating them, thank you very much!~

Have a good rest of your day.


the fact that everyone is roasting him lol


I’m not sure if flaming someone for having some ideas is something to do…

Yeah sure adding your intake is fine, but just blatantly roasting him? Not cool

Great job everyone, what a wonderful way to welcome a new member here.

i gave him critisisims with his ideas tho.
not the brightest ideas but some could work

Welcome to the internet i guess

I do see both sides of this topic, especially as someone about to lose their subscription for a little while so i do see the idea of having more free stuff. At the same time i understand the whole point of limited free stuff is to push people into paying

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I don’t i like the Sim Exactly how it is!!

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Another thing: Some of these ideas you have are available to vote for in Features. Go check it out!

So… a virtual airline? Infinite Flight has plenty of those, and while you don’t necessarily start from a Cessna and work your way up to an A380, most if not all of the VAs will start you out on smaller, short-haul routes/aircraft and as you log flight hours, you earn the ability to fly bigger aircraft on longer routes.

What would be the point of adding a profit incentive? There are plenty of airline management simulators out there that already feature that. Infinite Flight is a flight simulator, not an airline management game, so my main concern is that it would only serve to detract.

Again, what would be the point of adding a profit incentive to the game? There are plenty of airline/airport management types of games out there.

I’m pretty sure these suggestions are in the pipeline for after the release of Project Metal, which you can read more about here: Infinite Flight Project Metal

As far as fuel goes, most flight planning software will do that for you.

If multiplayer was free, Infinite Flight would go bust. It’s not cheap to host servers, especially at the scale you need to support tens of thousands of pilots flying at the same time.

Expert server is part of what you get in your paid subscription. There’s a longstanding saying around here, experience does not equal expertise. Anyone can hop in a Cessna at their local airport and fly touch and goes for a few hours to build the landings needed to qualify for Expert server, or fly a few ultra long haul legs. It’s not that difficult to do.

As far as penalizing rulebreakers, we have violations of increasing severity for that very purpose. You really need to abandon the idea of Infinite Flight adding profit/loss. It just wouldn’t mesh with the point of the game.

Your ideas have merit, I’ll give you that much, but you really could’ve done a lot more research and structured your ideas better.


“Some things this game could improve on”

This is a simulator not a game🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓

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While Infinite Flight is considered a simulator for some it can also provide a gaming thrill by offering enjoyment and entertainment through flying planes. The line, between simulator and game is open, to interpretation. What truly matters is how we savor the experience don’t you agree? 😊😊😊😊😊😊


I suggest the company Infinite Flights, financial incentives for players. How do they add ground equipment? Other people use it online. The subscription price is raised before entering the simulation. After that, the expert server begins to calculate hours decided by the company. The company takes a small percentage of the rest used, for example, the pilot, the ground services, or the air. However, they add everything. The plane screen will be effective. Every pilot in Infinite Flight adds, for example, Emirates or adds movies or anything on the customer’s mind to his own account. From here, the company benefits and the user benefits. I see the plane in the future becoming like this, and this is just a suggestion. What do you think about that?