Some sunset formation flying...

Took out the DR400 for a ride.


Those pictures are stunning! Amazing!

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My dream…

I’m jealous! That is all.

Thanks guys for those kind comments!

If you’re francophone, go get your BIA and your BB/PPL and you dream will eventually come true. ;)

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I have the ENAC on my target ;)

How old are you? I’m pretty familiar with the school, feel free to DM if you need any advice or any information!

I’m 13 years old 😅

Go get that BIA then! It will help you achieve a lot. Thanks to it, you’ll get a ton of grants to be able to get your BB/PPL. Then it will be a proof of your dedication when you’ll apply to the ENAC.

Bear in mind that most ENAC students already had an aviation experience when they went trough the recruitment process. You just don’t get selected without a proper aviation experience, there are over 2000 applications and they always choose the most dedicated ones. Speaking from experience here!
Feel free to DM me if you need advices or anything.

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