Some Sun at Dublin!?! @EIDW 13th September Part 2

Hello IFC and welcome back to part 2 of my previous topic! Some Sun at Dublin!?! @EIDW 13th September Part 1

Airport Operations Info

Departing Runways: 28
Arriving Runways: 28


Canon 500D
55-200mm lens

1 // We start with my favourite shot of the day! The one and only baby of Aer Lingus (Stobart) EI-GEV an ATR42-600 headed to Donegal.

2 // Next up we have another Aer Lingus in the form of an A320 (EI-DER)

3 // The return of the Etihad 787-9 in the F1 livery (A6-BLV) this time on departure!

4 // Up next we have a KLM 737-900 (PH-BXT) heading home to Schiphol! With some cows chomping in the background. Only in Ireland lol

5 // Another Aer Lingus This time in the new livery an A330 (EI-EIN) heading across the pond.

6 // All this Aer Lingus must be getting annoying at this stage lol. An A320 (EI-FNJ) lifting off very early.

7 // A Lufthansa A319 (D-AILW) heading to Frankfurt.

8 // An almost identical shot of an A319 (F-GRHL) just this time in the Air France livery headed to Paris!

9 // One of my favourite shots an Aer Lingus A321neo (EI-LRC) heading to Boston!

10 // And to finish us off today an Emirates 77W (A6-EGT) heading home to Dubai! With Dublin tower in the background.

Hope you enjoyed! Feel free to let me know which was your favourite! Mine would have to be first one. Such a beautiful aircraft :)


Today’s Dublin spotting topics have been pretty oposite on the weather spectrum πŸ˜‚


GEV will never cease to amaze 😍

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Hahaha yes lol. This session was from nearly a month ago which would explain it xD

Thanks mate :) Completely agree!

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I’ve missed your last few posts but my god those are some amazing pictures πŸ’š

That emirates tho 😍

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I stand by an earlier comment, your picture get better by the topic! Some very good captures, especially the B777 (absolutely stunning!) A321NEO and ATR. Great to see the tower in some of these pictures, which is a great contrast.
Thanks for sharing!

πŸ˜‚ Very true!


Thanks Gary :) I really struggled to fit it into the frame it’s so big hahaha

Ah mate that really means a lot thanks πŸ’š


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