Some suggestions for VA Airlines

Hey Aviators! Hope all of you are good!
So i created this topic for these who want to create a VA but doesn’t have any idea of wich airlines they have to make!
So there we go:

  • Jet2 Holiday

  • Vueling

  • Aeroflot VA

  • S7 Va

And that’s it !
Hope i gave you good ideas!

Have an excellent day and flight dear colleagues!

@Captain Lufty

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Could also make a DrukAir VA now the A319 livery and Paro are in the sim!


Yes pretty good idea

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Just saying I think jet2 is in the process of being made a VA and Aeroflot I think might be being made. DO NOT take this as the truth as I am not completely sure if that is the case, please correct me if this is not the case or anything else. Just to clarify again this may not be the case.


I will check at IFVARB site!
Thx you for specifications!


Vueling Virtual already existed but they had to close down because there wasn’t enough demand. Sad story…

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Privatair would be a good idea and if anyone decides to make it ping me, i would be a staff 😏 or just a member

Wasn’t there an Aeroflot VA already?

Where is AAVA

I would love to help be a part of a corporate virtual airline, especially with the Challenger coming. I have no idea how to start, set up, coordinate, or organize any of that. I’d like to use my real world challenger experience to come up with some routes/schedules that would give others an idea of what corporate aviation is all about.

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Oh never mind

I can confidently say that over my time working with Virtual Airlines, it’s an experience that’s incredibly rewarding. Of course, with great power comes great responsibility and for those who are interested with starting up their own VA, be ready to invest some time in the project.

For those who may be interested in starting up a VA, the IFVARB has a number of helpful links that’ll guide you through the process from the initial application to approval.

List of current VA’s

Reserved VA’s/Pending VA’s

VA Application Process and FAQ’s

VA Requirements and Application

Lastly, for those who may be interested in learning more about VA’s or simply don’t have the time to invest in starting their own VA, I recommend considering joining a VA’s Staff Team. VA’s will often post their open positions on the IFVARB website as well.

VA Staff Recruitment

Hopefully these links can provide some insight for those who’re on the line about starting up a VA.


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