Some spotting in Denver, 11-14-19

Hi all! Today was ATC choice day, and decided to open my home airport of Denver. I took some photos and was even paid a visit by Laura! (Not pictured.)

I took some photos with replay mode.
Server: Expert
Time: 2330Z-0030Z


Picture Number 1: A United Express operated by SkyWest CRJ-200 prepares for a flight to Grand Junction (@MJL)

Picture Number 2: A United 757-200 rotates off of runway 17L, bound for San Francisco. (@Gmagic)

Picture Number 3: A Southwest Canyon Blue 737-7H4 (😍) lifts off of 17L bound for MSP.

Picture Number 4: A Delta 737-932 (ER) lifts off of Runway 17L with two MD-11F’s visible in the background.

Picture Number 5: An American 737-800 taxis out to the runway for departure to Dallas with a shot of the ramp behind it.

Picture Number 6: A United 777-222 (ER) prepares for it’s next flight, at gate B38.

Picture Number 7: A JetBlue A320-200 taxis to runway 17L.

Hope you enjoyed these photos! Comment down below which one was your favorite!

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I loved the 772 shot!

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Amazing pictures you took Denver is an amazing airport to fly out of!

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Thank you!

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Great pictures! I really like the American 738 one!

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Thanks! That one was also one of my favorites :)

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Hell yes some appreciation for GJT!!!

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Very cool photos!

Gotta love that United 772!😍

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Thank you both!


Awesome photos! I love the United 757

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Oh yes. Lovely shots Luke!!

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Thanks! The United was also a good shot.

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Amazing job @Luke_Sta

Also, I never knew there was a United Star Alliance livery in IF until now πŸ˜†

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It’s rare since rarely anyone flies the 757 πŸ˜‚

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