Some Spotting at LOWS

I was spotting at July 30th at LOWS (Salzburg Airport) and i thought you might like my shots. I hope you enjoy them!

Eurowings A-319 departing for EDDH

Austrian Airlines Dash-8 Q-400 departing for LOWW

Austrian Airlines E-195 arriving from EDDF

The E-170 of Pepole’s airline. The airline has actually only 2 E-170

All this pictures were made with my Nikon D-3300

I hope you have enjoyed my pictures and thank you for viewing my post!


Awesome! Love them

Great picks man👌

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Thank you!

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Nice shots! I love the People’s Airline livery, I’ve never heard of them before.

Love the E145 and any embrear sorry can’t spell it. Such a beautiful aircraft

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I also have only seen it at that day. I searched the information from Wikipedia😂🤣

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